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Renee Barnett MS, LPC

I believe change happens through the therapeutic relationship, as we collaborate to navigate difficult emotions, manage states of anxiety and depression, and transcend suffering and trauma. Exploring painful memories, limiting beliefs, and deeper aspects of the self can be very challenging, as it takes courage to look in places you’ve never looked before and bravery to share your experience with a counselor.


By focusing on the connection between your emotions and physical sensations in the body, you can build your own internal resources and learn how to self-regulate. By relating to negative emotions and their accompanying thoughts in new ways you can learn to foster feelings of joy where tension used to be felt. These efforts will allow you to explore limiting core beliefs, promote healing from the past, and increase self-compassion. This makes room for clear thinking and personal accountability.

The mind and body are interconnected, thus in addition to exploring thoughts, feelings, and memories, we will collaborate to form a lifestyle plan that will help you heal, grow, and thrive. 

Mindfulness-based counseling is effective for people wanting to lower their anxiety. You might be a good fit if you need support around:

*Stress & Worry

*Panic & Overwhelm


*Relationship Distress

*Inner Critic/Negative         Self-Talk

My approach is trauma-informed. Scientific evidence suggests that some types of trauma can be stored in your body. By identifying places of physical tension, you can safely explore your mind/body connection and begin to heal from traumatic experiences from the past and transcend the negative core beliefs you have formed about yourself. You might be a good fit of you need support for:

*Childhood Trauma

*Sexual Assault

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