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Online Counseling Options

I am currently accepting new clients for video counseling in Oregon and Nevada. I offer remote, low-cost counseling, for individuals looking for practical guidance, general support, and guided meditation.

Process and work through distress related to COVID-19 with a supportive counselor from the comfort of your own home. 

You have been glued to social media and you are overwhelmed by anxiety and stress.

You are feeling isolated and miss going to work and seeing your friends and family.

You are having trouble adjusting to working at home with your partner. Your children are now home and you are feeling overwhelmed. You already need a break.


You are worried about family members and friends who might be at risk.

You work in an industry that has been shut down have been affected economically. *Sliding-scale options are available for you!

You have wanted to seek counseling for a variety of reasons, and now have the time/motivation for change!

$60*/50 minute, Video Counseling or phone sessions 

Sliding-Scale options are available 

Pay with easy to use HIPPA-compliant payment link

I strive to understand your experience with authentic compassion.

Renee Barnett, MS, NCC

There is core self within each of us that can be accessed, loved, and transformed with the right support. I believe change happens through the healing relationship, as we collaborate to navigate difficult emotions, manage states of anxiety and depression, and transcend suffering and trauma. By building skills that increase self-awareness and self-compassion, you can live the life you've always dreamed of.


Mindfulness-based counseling will help you find your own path to recovery. By paying attention to your breath and focusing on physical sensations in the body, you can build your own internal resources. These efforts will allow you to safely explore aspects of the self, promote healing from the past, reduce anxiety, and foster emotion regulation. 

I draw from an attachment lens that informs evidence-based techniques designed to explore painful memories from the past and the anxiety you feel in the here and now. Mindfulness-based techniques will promote deep healing and allow you to finally move forward without fear. The mind and body are interconnected, thus in addition to exploring thoughts, feelings, and memories, we will collaborate to form a self-care plan that will help you heal, grow, and thrive.  

I am passionate about working with individuals who wish to explore the following:


*Childhood Trauma

*Sexual Assault

*Attachment Trauma

*Addiction Issues

*Emotional Regulation


*Stress & Anxiety



*People Pleaser


Men's Issues

*Relationship Issues

*Authentic Masculinity

*Empathy Building

*Emotional Awareness